Hospice Stories from the Heart
Bridge Hospice is dedicated to helping terminally patients and their families find peace and comfort as they face the challenges associated with end-of-life care. And because many of our clients‹touched by the commitment and compassion shown by our team of medical professionals and volunteers‹are compelled to share their experiences with us and others that may be going through similar situations, we've gathered some of their stories and placed them here. We hope that you find them as encouraging and inspiring as we do.

A Proud Fathers Dream Came True
Karen Hiser
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Karen Hiser's husband, Daniel, beat cancer once. And the Hisers relished every moment together that followed. Then, after several years in remission,
his cancer came back, and more aggressively than before. Bridge Hospice nurses and volunteers helped Daniel manage his pain so he could better enjoy time with his family, but they also did something more than that. Bridge Hospice was there to help make one of Daniel's greatest dreams a reality. As Daniel's cancer progressed, it looked as though he might not make it to his son's graduation. So, working with his son's school, Bridge staged a mock graduation complete with cap and gown and a specially made diploma right inside Daniel's hospital room. He swelled with pride as he watched his son graduate and he took that newly created memory with him when he passed away later that evening. Karen Hiser is grateful for the compassion, care, and dedication that Bridge Hospice showed her family. "They're really there for the patient and they'll do whatever they can to help them." Inspired by her family's experience, Karen Hiser is now a Bridge volunteer. 

The Trip of a Lifetime
Shirley and Ralph Dewey

When Shirley and Ralph Dewey learned that their adult daughter, Beth, had Stage IV brain cancer, their first thought was, "What can we do for her?" Shortly after her diagnosis, Beth moved in with her parents to receive full time care. But even with all the love and dedication Shirley and Ralph provided, the challenges associated with Beth's condition continued to grow and the Deweys realized they needed help to give their daughter the advanced treatment she required.

That's when Shirley and Ralph turned to Bridge Hospice. Bridge Hospice responded with comprehensive, compassionate care that lifted the family's spirits and exceeded their expectations of how hospice care could positively impact their lives. Bridge even helped Shirley and Beth travel to New York City to see Beth's son (Shirley's grandson) perform with his high school show choir‹paying for their trip and arranging for a hospice aide in the city to assist them while they were there. Shirley says that the trip to New York was "one of the highlights of my life - and Beth's," and that "nothing is impossible" for Bridge Hospice to accomplish on behalf of their patients and their families. 

Helping a Family Find its Strength
Carol Metzger
Following a courageous eight-year battle, Carol Metzger lost her husband, Ferrell, to cancer. As she and her young son, Luke, watched, their world was forever changed. But they weren't alone. Bridge Hospice stood by their side providing support and comfort, and effectively managing Ferrell's painso they could fully focus on enjoying every possible, precious moment together. And as Carol and Luke began the difficult transition to life after Ferrell's death, Bridge helped them cope with their loss and to rediscover joy in their lives. 

To better understand how he fit into a world without his dad, Luke attended Camp S.T.A.R.,an annual children's camp run by Bridge Hospice that helps kids deal with their grief in constructive ways.  Carol says that with Bridge by her side she "never felt lost or unsure," and that she would recommend Bridge Hospice "because of their caring and compassion, not only for the patient, but for the entire family."  Carol is now a Bridge Hospice volunteer sharing the same gifts of hope and companionship that she received with others facing the same challenges.