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Lorie Miller

Breast Cancer Survivor Jenera, Ohio  

Lorie Miller and her oncology team

When you’re battling breast cancer, having a friend by your side can make your journey easier – and having two friends can make all the difference. Friends, supporters, cheerleaders and Cancer Care Champions is what Lori Miller found when she met clinical research nurses Christy Montgomery and Shannon Kohls.

Diagnosed in July 2013 with breast cancer after finding a lump in the shower, Lori chose to take part in a cancer clinical trial for chemotherapy. “Dr. Cole told me about the clinical trials program and I really wanted to take part,” said Miller. “I felt like if I was going to go through this disease, my experience should be used in any positive way possible.”

That’s when Miller met Montgomery and Kohls, two women she is proud to call Cancer Care Champions today. “I didn’t know anyone who was having the same treatment, so I called Shannon and Christy with any questions I had. They were with me every step of the way.” Miller said the two women also provided excellent support resources such as pamphlets and handouts that helped make the process easier to understand.

 The support continued when Miller started losing her hair. “I sent Shannon a picture of me getting my head shaved!” Miller added. “She was so supportive and funny. Her humor was therapeutic. These two women are fantastic, resourceful, wonderful people who have made my cancer experience a little bit lighter.”

With her last chemotherapy treatment held on December 23, 2013, Miller is looking forward to the future. “I’m going to keep smiling and staying positive.” And, she will likely have two friends alongside her every step of the way. 

How may we help you?

How may we help you?