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Melinda Hostetler

Breast Cancer Survivor

Melinda Hostetler and family Photo credit: Alyson Renee Photography

On December 12, 2012, Melinda Hostetler heard the phrase no woman wants to hear: “You have breast cancer.”

The discovery of a lump in her breast just weeks before her scheduled yearly mammogram took her to Woman Wise mammography, where breast health nurse Barb Deerwester coordinated a diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy. The result, stage 1 breast cancer, changed her life.

Melinda’s OB/GYN, Dr. Miguel Jordan of the BVH Women & Children’s Center, gave her the news personally. She said, “After telling me of my diagnosis, with no hesitation he assured me that my case could be well cared for in Findlay. He anticipated that well-meaning friends and family would suggest options that would make me feel that I needed to go out of town for treatment. It was so nice to hear his calm assurance.”

At only 45 years old with a husband and two children, an 18-year-old son finishing his senior year of high school and a 14-year-old daughter, being close to home and limiting family disruptions was of paramount importance. “I felt traveling for treatment would add an extra layer of stress,” Melinda explained. “I knew Dr. Jordan would tell me if I needed to go elsewhere. He said I would get great care here, so I chose Blanchard Valley.”

On January 8, 2013, Melinda underwent the first of two surgeries, a lumpectomy, which was followed by a surgery to remove a few additional lymph nodes as a precaution. The surgeries were conducted by Dr. Richard Polder of Findlay Surgical Associates. “Dr. Polder took so much care in explaining all of the surgery options, even staying after his office had closed to answer our questions. He was always so patient, which was much appreciated.”

Following her surgeries, Melinda visited a medical oncologist and received radiation treatment. Dr. Sharon Cole at Orion Cancer Center managed her care as her medical oncologist, and she received radiation at the Blanchard Valley Regional Cancer Center (BVRCC) , now The Armes Family Cancer Care Center, under the direction of Dr. Stephen Lutz. “Dr. Cole was very warm and friendly. She was concerned about all of me, not just my diagnosis,” Melinda explained. “She listened with compassion to the concerns and questions my husband and I had on our minds. I know of several times she discussed my case extensively with other doctors on my team. She was, and still is, a wonderful coordinator of my treatment team and subsequent good health.”  Her experience with the BVRCC team was just as positive. “Dr. Lutz was friendly and answered all of my questions. Radiation nurse Sue Karsnak was great as well. The facility was very convenient and close to my home.”

At home, Melinda had additional support that made her cancer journey less stressful. She said, “My husband, Ron, was such a great support. He is a wonderful husband. It would have been a greater ordeal without him, our children, and our parents who all stepped up to keep our household functioning. Also my Stonebridge Church family, neighbors and my husband’s coworkers were wonderful. So many people brought meals and other support that made a significant impact.” Melinda also credits her faith as being a great comfort to her throughout her cancer journey, her family physician Dr. Jennifer Conner of Findlay Family Practice for offering overall medical support, and nutritional counseling for helping her maintain her health throughout cancer treatment.

Today, Melinda’s cancer is gone and she is attending follow up appointments with Dr. Cole and Dr. Polder and receiving precautionary mammograms every six months. Beginning in 2015, her follow up will be less frequent.  For others with her form of cancer, Melinda strongly recommends the Blanchard Valley team and receiving treatment close to home. “With my case, I was able to get all of the treatment I needed here. I knew Dr. Jordan and my other doctors would tell me if I needed to go elsewhere. Leaving Findlay would have been a great deal of added stress on our family. I would highly recommend staying close to home.”

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How may we help you?