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Finding Friendship Through Quality Cancer Care

Kim Peplinski remembers the day she received a call from Blanchard Valley Health System regarding a suspicious mammogram. After additional tests, Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Patients, Stacy Fort and Kim Peplinski

"I was nervous and scared," Kim shared. "But when I let Eric Browning, MD, my general surgeon, know about my fears, he stayed late in the office until I got off work so we could coordinate a care plan.”

Kim was appreciative of knowing she was not going on this journey alone. “His many years of experience, knowledge and compassion were very calming," Kim explained. "From the start, he told me this process would be a marathon, not a sprint."

During the next steps, Kim started seeing Derek Thomas, MD, an oncologist at The Armes Family Cancer Care Center and began her chemotherapy treatment. "Dr. Thomas gave me peace of mind, basing his practice on current, evidence-based research. With the COVID-19 pandemic, I could not bring a companion with me to chemotherapy. This especially made me appreciative of my talks with Dr. Thomas, who made me feel as if I were with a friend."

Since then, Kim has undergone a bilateral mastectomy, continued chemotherapy and three surgeries for reconstruction. "These doctors have made me 100% comfortable staying in Findlay for my surgery and treatments. I never once felt like I needed to go anywhere else. I am also grateful for the relationship that BVHS has with Mayo Clinic. My care team was able to confirm that I did not need radiation by sending my pathology slides to Mayo Clinic." Through the Mayo Clinic Care Network, Blanchard Valley Health System physicians can consult directly with  Mayo Clinic specialists, ensuring patients get the care they need, close to home.

While Kim was being treated for breast cancer, a friend mentioned that she knew another woman in Findlay, named Stacy, who was going through a similar situation. The mutual friend recommended they meet. This connection initiated a special bond.

Stacy Fort, a Findlay native, had a lump that, over time, doubled in size. Since Stacy’s mother had passed away from breast cancer, she knew to contact her doctor immediately. After her mammogram, Stacy was also diagnosed with breast cancer.

"While being diagnosed with cancer is frightening, everyone at The Armes Family Cancer Care Center was supportive and made me feel like family," Stacy shared.

Stacy began chemotherapy and also underwent a double bilateral mastectomy.

"Having cancer can feel like a full-time job,” Stacy explained. “From scheduling appointments, balancing medication and undergoing surgeries and chemotherapy. I would recommend the AFCCC to everyone. They are the epitome of professionalism. The team made sure all I had to focus on was getting better.”

Stacy has since been cleared of breast cancer but continues to see Dr. Thomas for check-ups and bloodwork.

When Stacy and Kim met during their treatments there was an instant connection.

"I admire Kim because she is such a strong person. I was lucky to find someone who could relate to what I was experiencing," Stacy shared.

"Stacy quickly became a companion and support to me during this difficult time," explained Kim. "She is resilient and gives me hope."

Both agree that they made the right decision to stay close to home and receive their care at The Armes Family Cancer Care Center.

"It is only through local care that you can connect so closely with health providers and others who are on your same journey, “ Kim added. “Those connections and the quality care that I have received has given me strength and courage. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.”





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