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Jennifer Swartzlander

Kidney Cancer Survivor

Jennifer Swartzlander

Physician’s Listening Ear Leads to Life-Saving Diagnosis

A year after delivering her second child, Jennifer Swartzlander felt out of sorts. Emotional and losing weight rapidly, she knew something was amiss with her body. “I just wasn’t feeling well. I lost about 30 pounds in one month and would cry unexpectedly,” Jennifer explained. “I went to my family doctor and talked to a number of people, and everyone seemed to think the issue was hormonal from my pregnancy and breast feeding.” But when her symptoms continued, Jennifer made the choice to listen to her body and sought the help of Bluffton OB/GYN Dr. Desrene Brown.

“Dr. Brown delivered my children at Bluffton Hospital, and we always had a great relationship. My husband and family encouraged me to talk to her about my concerns, so I made an appointment,” she said. When she entered Dr. Brown’s office, Jennifer says she was treated with understanding and compassion. “She really took the time to sit down and listen to me,” Jennifer explained. “She didn’t stare at my chart, she looked at me. She listened to everything I said, and she really heard me. Never once did she brush my symptoms aside.”

To get to the root of the problem, Dr. Brown ordered a CAT scan. It was this test that revealed Jennifer’s symptoms were rooted in a very serious medical condition – kidney cancer, also called renal cell carcinoma. The most common type of kidney cancer in adults, renal cell carcinoma is often found in advanced stages when treatment options are limited. Fortunately in Jennifer’s case, Dr. Brown’s listening ear and thorough investigation of symptoms led to early detection of the kidney tumor.

To remove the cancerous tumor, Jennifer underwent a partial nephrectomy, or removal of part of her kidney. Today, after being cancer-free for nine years, Jennifer credits the early discovery of her tumor to Dr. Brown. She said, “I can’t thank her enough for listening to me. She is so understanding, calming and skilled. I am very grateful for her care.”

How may we help you?

How may we help you?