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John Terres

Kidney Cancer Survivor 

Arlington, Ohio

John Terres is no stranger to cancer. In August 2005, he was diagnosed and underwent treatment for prostate cancer. With the successful completion of his treatment, he thought his experience with cancer was behind him – until he was diagnosed with kidney cancer in December 2011. His cancer diagnosis came after Terres suffered a belly button hernia. “I had a CAT scan and an MRI, and they saw something on my kidney.”

When cancer was confirmed, Terres immediately knew he wanted his medical oncologist to be Dr. Sharon Cole. He said, “I had heard so many good things about her. She’s a worker. She’s not walking; she’s running to give the best care to every patient.” While receiving treatment at Dr. Cole’s office, Terres chose to take part in a cancer clinical trial involving oral chemotherapy treatment.

John Terres and family

Christy Montgomery, RN, patient, John Terres, Dr Sharon Cole and Shannon Kohls, RN

The clinical trials were administered by BVHS nurses Christy Montgomery and Shannon Kohls. “I took part in the clinical trials for 54 weeks,” Terres said. “Every time I went to Dr. Cole’s office one or both of these ladies were there. I really got to know them, and I know they really care. I called them anytime I had questions and they were always willing to help.” Together, Dr. Cole, Christy and Shannon are a team Terres is proud to call his Cancer Care Champions.

Today, Terres says he is “putting one foot in front of the other,” and taking life one day at a time. He is thankful for the care he received at BVHS and that he has had Cancer Care Champions like Dr. Cole, Shannon and Christy in his corner.

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How may we help you?