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Care Navigation Services at Blanchard Valley

The Blanchard Valley Health System Care Navigators provide two services to all members of our community – tobacco cessation and advance directive planning. These two very important services are provided without charge as part of Blanchard Valley’s commitment to a healthier community.

Tobacco Cessation

If you’re a tobacco user, we want to help you quit. Tobacco usage can lead to serious health problems, and quitting greatly reduces your risk of tobacco-related diseases. More than 7,000 chemicals are contained in tobacco smoke…quit for your health and the health of those around you. Let our Care Navigators be your support system.

Advance Directives Planning

Advance directives include documents such as your living will and durable power of attorney for health care. These items are important to have in place so you have a voice about your health care, even if you cannot speak for yourself. While no one wants to think about death or dying, these forms can allow you to take control of your choices regarding your medical future. Our Care Navigators are here to help you every step of the way. Learn more here.