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The Amber & Ben Patterson Wellness Walk

In an ongoing effort to promote health and wellness, Blanchard Valley Health System has established the “Wellness Walk,” a series of indoor and outdoor walking paths.

Walking is a great way to reduce stress, promote weight loss, improve your fitness level, lower blood pressure, boost bone strength increase your energy and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

BVHS encourages patients, visitors, volunteers and associates to take that first step! There are three safe, convenient paths from which to choose as well as places to rest along the way.

Of the two indoor trail options, the green route is the shortest option at .20 miles (roundtrip) while the teal trail is longer at .36 miles (roundtrip). If you want to challenge yourself, then walk both trails for a total of .56 miles (roundtrip).

However, if the weather cooperates and you need a breath of fresh air then you can choose an outdoor stroll, the navy trail. This path is .62 miles and the scenic route takes you around Blanchard Valley Hospital.

Please use the Wellness Walk with care. Be mindful of weather conditions, trip hazards, traffic and your surroundings. BVHS assumes no responsibility for any injury that may occur while using the walking paths. For information regarding BVHS's visitor policies, please review our visitation guidelines here.


The Amber & Ben Patterson Wellness Walk Brochure


The Blanchard Valley Health System Wellness Walk was made possible by a donation from Dr. Amber and Mr. Ben Patterson.

For more information about how you can also make a similar contribution please call the Blanchard Valley Health Foundation at 419.423.5457 or email