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Benefits of Patient Portal

Dr. Bill KoseDr. Bill Kose

Chief Quality Officer, BVHS

Utilizing a patient portal is a great way to manage your health. The portal provides you with personal health care information that is accessible at all hours of the day from any electronic device. You can view health care information such as doctor visits, medication summaries, immunizations, allergies, lab results and discharge summaries.

Not only can you view parts of your medical record, but you can also: message your physicians, schedule appointments for screening mammograms, request prescription renewal and update your personal information.

If you have a health record at a connected hospital along with an active email, you can obtain a patient portal account to utilize the above features.

The process to join the patient portal is simple. If you do not have an account, you can provide your email at your next physician office visit. This will prompt an activation email to your account and you can join once it is received. Once you have access to your portal, you will log-in with a username and password for security measures.

You can view your health care information when it is most convenient for you on any electronic devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets. If you are on the go and need to quickly check any feature on the portal, one can simply do so.

The ease of accessing the patient portal can make it a more efficient experience for you. If you do not currently have one, check with your health care provider to see if patient portal is implemented and consider joining today!