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Preparing for Spring

Randy SchroederRandy Schroeder

Blanchard Valley Health System

Spring is on all of our minds during the cold temperatures currently being experienced. However – are you preparing for spring – now is the time! Taking advantage of not wanting to leave the house during the cold temperatures and working on the inside projects are a great way to be ready for spring so that the outdoors can be your next focus or enjoyment.

When was the last time that drawer in the kitchen has been cleaned out? Starting small will keep your motivation high. From there move on to larger kitchen cabinets and ridding yourself of duplicate items.  Donating items or giving them to family or friends that can use them is a great feeling! This not only applies to the kitchen but should expand into your bedroom, living areas and hall closets. 

After cleaning and decluttering drawers and closets - deep cleaning is the next step. When you feel that you have cleaned by scrubbing marks off cabinets and doors – go back and do a final polish. Again – start small on cleaning projects and move on to the larger projects such as walls, carpets and furniture. 

How does this relate to health? It is a known fact that if your surroundings are fresh and clean it gives a person a great feeling mentally. It also promotes a feeling of accomplishment! Your environment can also help with your physical well- being with exercise and reducing the risk of stumbling on clutter.

Now is the time – start your indoor projects – TODAY! Mentally and physically you will feel better!