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Residency Program

About Our Program

Blanchard Valley Hospital offers a Traditional PGY1 residency designed to develop pharmacy practitioners. The program has a clinical emphasis across practice settings with a focus on ambulatory care and disease state management. It will provide a foundation for advancing your career as a clinician. Successful residents will be prepared to enter the field of pharmacy able to practice in a variety of settings or be prepared to enter a PGY2 residency. An optional teaching certificate program is available through our local college of pharmacy affiliations with both Ohio Northern University and The University of Findlay.

Benefits of a Resident/Associate

Entitled to benefits offered to a full-time employee (medical, vision, dental).
Travel and lodging to ASHP Midyear Meeting and regional residency showcase.
Staffing requirement will be no more than 12 hours per week, no staffing on holidays and minimal on weekends.

Rotations (Details of each rotation):

  • 6 weeks Operations
  • 1 month General Medicine
  • 1 month Intensive Care
  • 3 months Ambulatory Care
  • 1 month Geriatrics
  • 1 month Infectious Disease
  • 1 month Pharmacy Administration
  • Elective rotations are available
  • Longitudinal rotations will be completed throughout the year (leadership, medication safety, nurse education)

Application process:

Completed in Phorcas
Items needed:

  • Official transcript
  • 3 letters of reference (utilizing ASHP document)
  • Letter of intent summarizing your reasons for selecting the BVH PGY1 Pharmacy Residency