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Steven Ludwig

Steven LudwigSteven Ludwig doesn’t let the little things in life bother him, although he has not always been so carefree. It wasn’t until a life-altering health scare that he learned to relax and love all the ups and downs that life has to offer. In fact, Steven suffered two near-death experiences before finding the beauty in not taking life too seriously.

The first serious scare for Steven was a heart attack he suffered at work. “I remember being put into the ambulance and the moments before going into open heart surgery,” Steven recalls. His second brush with death was even closer when he later suffered complete cardiac arrest. Luckily, his dad and fiancé started performing CPR immediately and called 911. Thanks to the quick thinking of his family, Steven was able to make it to the hospital to have a pacemaker/defibrillator inserted to keep his heart rhythm in check.

“All I can remember is waking up surrounded by attentive nurses. The consideration and care they gave me was absolutely top-notch!” he explains. A man dedicated to getting back to his everyday life, Steven was able to recover and is now doing more of what makes him happy. Retiring from corporate America has given Steven the freedom to do whatever he pleases, and as a result, his heart is in great condition. He no longer feels the stress of work and instead finds bliss in fishing, traveling and gardening. From the Gulf of Mexico to Lake Erie, Steven is squeezing all the stress out of his life and absorbing the joys of retirement.

He credits a large part of his peaceful retirement to no longer being concerned about his heart. Steven says, “The folks at Blanchard Valley took such amazing care of me. I don’t expect to have another heart attack. Although if I ever do have one, I won’t be afraid because I know I have friends at Blanchard Valley.” Working with the compassionate physicians of Blanchard Valley Health System gave Steven comfort knowing that his health and heart was always in good hands.

Experiencing two heart attacks has forever changed the way Steven looks at the world. He no longer gets worked up over insignificant matters because he knows the importance of thoroughly enjoying life. He also makes a determined effort to live every day to its fullest. Steven proudly and confidently explains, “I love life. Life is so good, and you can’t count on tomorrow so you better make today great!”

How may we help you?

How may we help you?