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BVHS Honored with Platinum Achievement of Excellence Award


Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) is proud to announce it has been recognized as a recipient of the Platinum Governor’s Award for Excellence by The Partnership for Excellence (TPE), a Baldrige-based awards program for Ohio, West Virginia and Indiana.  This is the highest-level Excellence Award TPE offers, and BVHS is the only health system to have received it this year.

BVHS prepared and submitted a 50-page application based on the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence. The information covered BVHS leadership, strategic planning, customers, workforce, operations and results. Each application underwent a rigorous evaluation process involving a team of independent examiners, which concluded with an on-site visit. An independent panel of judges reviewed a feedback report submitted by the board of examiners and developed award recommendations for the TPE Board of Trustees.

“This Platinum Level recognition by The Partnership for Excellence is such an honor,” said Bill Kose, MD, vice president of special projects at BVHS. “By reflecting on all aspects of our organization throughout this process, we are able to spotlight opportunities for improvement and continue striving for excellence.”

In previous years, BVHS was recognized at the Silver Level once and the Gold Level twice.

In June, BVHS will receive a formal feedback report, indicating organizational strengths and opportunities for improvements. Dr. Kose added, “Our journey to performance excellence does not end here. We are committed to making BVHS as exceptional as possible for our patients, associates and community.”

BVHS and other award recipients will be honored during the annual TPE Quest for Success Conference, held in September in Columbus, OH.

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