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Outpatient Ostomy Clinic Opens at Wound Care Solutions


Blanchard Valley Health System’s (BVHS) Wound Care Solutions is proud to announce the opening of an outpatient ostomy clinic within its practice.   

The outpatient clinic and certified ostomy nurse are welcoming all (but not limited to) patients with a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy to develop and implement an individualized care plan for each patient.   

“The need for an ostomy clinic became apparent when we realized the unmet needs of ostomy patients in our community,” stated Marlana Risley, manager of outpatient specialty services at BVHS. “Blanchard Valley Health System offers excellent ostomy care while in the inpatient setting, and, as an outpatient clinic, we plan to build upon that care by offering services, both, before and after hospitalization.”

The ostomy clinic is prepared to offer services such as pre-operative visits for education and stoma site marking, post-surgical visits for follow-up and/or problem resolution, guidance for patients who have lived with an ostomy for years, addressing and treating mechanical injuries (skin tears, skin stripping, pressure lesions), chemical injuries (irritation) and infection care.

Additionally, the clinic seeks to help patients through recommendations regarding clothing, bathing, diet, odor and flatus control, resumption of lifestyle and activities, providing insight and potential solutions for complex clinical cases, individualized care plans and prevention and/or management of complications.

“Our certified ostomy nurse is able to offer comprehensive treatment options with an individualized approach, providing education, troubleshooting and long-term availability for issues as they arise,” Risley added. 

To schedule an appointment, call Wound Care Solutions at 419.423.5309.

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