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Just a few weeks ago, Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) launched a campaign thanking our dedicated associates that have tirelessly worked since the onset of COVID-19. Our frontline workers have spent 20 months fighting a pandemic that has gripped our country, and world, in a way that most of us have not seen or encountered in our lifetime.

Everyone from doctors and nurses to the housekeeping staff and maintenance workers, all have had more than their fair share of stressful days (and nights) and have gone above and beyond in the line of duty. Undoubtedly, they are weary and anxiously awaiting the day where life returns to “normal.” However, these associates display integrity, compassion, collaboration and skill on a daily basis, while fighting COVID-19 firsthand.  

As our organization shows its gratitude toward our hardworking frontline associates, we invite our surrounding community to join us in that effort. One small way to show your appreciation is to visit the website and click on the link to leave a note on the message board. Any words of positivity, encouragement or gratefulness are certainly welcomed.  

Another way to honor or say “thank you” to these courageous workers is to consider donating to our Emergency Response Fund. When donating to this fund, the Blanchard Valley Health Foundation will direct your gift towards the health system’s highest priority needs during this challenging time. For more information about donating, please contact the Foundation office at or call 419.423.5457.

Finally, there is one more action you can take to show your support and help ensure the betterment of our public health safety. That is by choosing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, booster shot and/or flu vaccine, if you have not already done so. If you are in need of one of these immunizations, I encourage you to look into a community clinic to be held in Findlay at the Hancock County Fairgrounds on Tuesday, November 9 from 3 to 6 p.m. For more details regarding this clinic, which will be hosted by Ohio Hancock Public Health, please call 419.424.7105. And, if you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine booster, I invite you to click the following LINK for additional information.

Fittingly, Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away. As we observe the upcoming holiday, we are sure to be thankful for our friends, family and loved ones. This year, perhaps, keep in mind the many healthcare professionals that have lent their expertise, given their energy and time (away from their own loved ones), to help combat this dangerous virus. And, as we continue to into the holiday season and beyond, remember that a little bit of kindness toward others goes a long way. This applies to not only to those working in healthcare, but to people we interact with regularly, such as restaurant servers, grocery store cashiers and strangers we pass by every day.

Whether or not you know someone that is a frontline worker, think about lifting their spirit by saying “thank you” to them – either verbally, writing a note or by making a donation. Or, if you haven’t received your COVID-19 vaccine, booster shot or flu vaccine, please consider taking that action to protect yourself and mitigate the risk of transmitting illness.

Together, we can show our frontline workers how proud and appreciative we are of them, especially through these very difficult times.



Myron Lewis

President & CEO

Blanchard Valley Health System

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