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We are now approaching two years of combating the COVID-19 pandemic. The complexity of this situation is evident in the viral variants allowing the disease to recur and evade our attempts to fight it, the most recent variant identified being Omicron.

Blanchard Valley Health System is committed to caring for our patients with and without COVID-19. We are seeing our second largest surge of the pandemic at this time. One week after Thanksgiving, Blanchard Valley Hospital had more than 50 COVID-19 positive patients and all northwest Ohio healthcare systems were taxed with capacity and ability to accept transfers and patients. The surge this year is a younger and sicker population. The average age is 61 as compared to last year’s average age of 70.

BVHS has been treating patients in the outpatient setting, as well as in the hospital. Since given the emergency use authorization a year ago, BVHS has been treating patients with monoclonal antibodies. This treatment has demonstrated a reduction of admission and deaths. Based on our numbers, 641 patients have been treated and we have been able to avoid 96 admissions and 21 deaths.

BVHS would like to encourage all that are able to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine and booster. While we are seeing a decrease in efficacy with variants, it is still our best defense against the spread of the disease. Per Hancock Public Health, breakthrough illness in patients that have received a COVID-19 booster is at 0.06%. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that an unvaccinated person has a 5.8 times higher risk of getting COVID-19 and 14 times higher risk of dying from COVID-19.

Early detection of COVID-19 is important to minimize the spread of the disease. If you have symptoms, please call your primary care provider to determine the appropriate next steps for evaluation and treatment. Also, if you are COVID-19 positive and meeting criteria, consider monoclonal antibody therapy which has been shown to be effective. As always, BVHS is here for you.

Lastly, as we are entering another holiday season, please protect yourself and your community members by continuing healthy practices of social distancing, hand washing and wearing a mask. BVHS will be hosting a Facebook Live event on December 15 at noon to provide information to the public and answer questions. The event will be streamed on the health system’s Facebook page, Community members can “like” the corporate Facebook account of BVHS and visit the page to watch live.

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