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BVHS Introduces Digital Application to Benefit Its Practices and Patients


Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) has implemented a new digital application that will provide new features at the health system’s medical practices, as well as offer convenience for patients ahead of scheduled visits.  

Patients can now utilize the application for pre-visit check-in and registration. The digital application also offers several other benefits to patients such as receiving a text message prior to an appointment, the option to complete consent forms and update medical information before appointments. Patients can also let their provider know when they have arrived for their appointment by scanning a QR code and using the patient check-in feature on their electronic device. Additionally, this information will then be integrated into “MyHealth,” the BVHS patient portal.

“This new application will give patients the ability to enter their information prior to their appointment, making their visit to a Blanchard Valley Medical Practice office more convenient,” said Kelly Shroll, president of BVMP. “This empowers the patient to be in charge of their own healthcare information.”

Shroll added that the application will also reduce the number of physical touchpoints, that existed previously, when patients visit a practice for an appointment.

“In a COVID-19 environment, this gives us the ability to introduce a contactless method of receiving registration information, while still offering personal care for our patients when they come to a BVMP office,” Shroll stated. 

The effort to launch this digital application is part of a larger, long-term patient-access strategy for BVHS, according to Shroll, as this is one of the first components of ensuring the health system has a far-reaching digital presence for its patients, now and into the future.

“Across the country, health care is becoming more consumer centric. Care can be provided anywhere now with telehealth visits, so the more we can utilize technology, the more convenient it becomes to the patient and the easier it is to use,” Shroll said. 

To sign-up for “MyHealth,” patients should speak with their provider at their next appointment or visit

If a community member is seeking a primary care provider, then they can call 419.422.APPT or search “Find-a-doc” at

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