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During the month of June, Blanchard Valley Health System will be celebrating two very important occurrences in respect to diversity, equity and inclusion: Pride month and Juneteenth (which is observed annually on June 19).

At BVHS, we are committed to people from all walks of life. We do not judge or discriminate, and we are here to treat and provide healthcare services to anyone who enters our doors. Our mission of “Caring for a lifetime,” applies to everyone with no exception on the basis of race, religion, gender, identity, age, income, etc.

BVHS is proud to have a diverse workforce and is committed to supporting each and every associate. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Lending to this support is an internal committee specifically focused on diversity and inclusion efforts. Our organization has also worked to expand diversity programs by establishing employee resource groups, which include race/culture/ethnicity, LGBTQ+ and age/disability/veterans.

While our organization continually strives to support to all groups of people, we realize there is always room for improvement. Throughout the pandemic, health systems throughout the nation, including our own, discovered that different groups of people were affected differently by COVID-19. As an organization, we recognize the many hardships minorities have faced in this country, including implicit bias and racial disparities in health care and the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on people of color. 

We take to heart our core organizational values of integrity, compassion, skill, collaboration, innovation and humor. These are our guiding principles, which we use to help establish a working partnership with our fellow associates and each of our patients.

We also welcome your input. If you have a suggestion about how our family of professionals can be an even better partner, please let us know by emailing us at

Every associate and person we provide care for has a background that is unique, and BVHS is dedicated to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for each of them.

We’re here for you.



Myron Lewis

President & CEO

Blanchard Valley Health System

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