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EasternWoods Outpatient Center Invests in New Mobile Digital PET/CT Scanner


EasternWoods Outpatient Center (EWOC), a division of Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS), has invested in the country’s first mobile digital PET/CT scanner. With this upgrade in imaging technology, EWOC will be able to further enhance patient experience by providing faster and clearer imaging. EWOC is located at 15900 Medical Drive in Findlay.  

The new PET/CT scanner has many benefits, including an 80-slice CT; 1.4mm lesion detectability; scan times in under 15 minutes; “Time of Flight” technology (lower injection doses and improved image clarity); metal artifact reduction, which reduces artifacts in joint replacements, dental and metal implants and deviceless motion correction to reduce misregistration.

With the addition of this upgraded and advanced equipment, EWOC will add openings to its available appointment times, which will now include Wednesday afternoons beginning at 1:15 p.m. and all day on Thursdays.

“EasternWoods Outpatient Center is excited to offer the latest and best possible technology, along with additional appointment time slots, which will be used to advance patient care and better serve our community,” said Jill Jaynes, service line director for cardiovascular and imaging at BVHS. “We chose the mobile digital PET/CT because it is of the highest, most modern standard and its features will allow us to better diagnose and treat our patients.”

To learn more about EasternWoods Outpatient Center or make an appointment, visit Patient questions can be answered by calling 419.423.5323.

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