CO2 Skin Resurfacing

Look younger with CO2 Skin Resurfacing

The carbon dioxide (CO2) laser has been known to provide some of the most dramatic, age-defying results in the treatment of challenging skin imperfections including wrinkles, fine lines, photodamage, uneven skin tone and skin laxity, as well as in scar treatment.

Using the power of the CO2 laser, the optimal mix of ablative and thermal effects and an array of applicators and treatment modes for highly tailored procedures, Alma’s Pixel CO2 brings unparalleled precision and innovation to the field of dermatology and plastic surgery.


Frequently asked questions about CO2 Skin Resurfacing

Is the treatment painful?

While pain tolerance varies from each person most patients tolerate the treatment without difficulty as a topical anesthetic is applied.  Some discomfort is normal and short-term.


How long do CO2 treatments take?

The length of treatment depends on many factors including the area being treated, but treatment could take less than 30 minutes depending on the area.

How may we help you?

How may we help you?