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Patient Joanie Kummerer Experiences Quick Recovery from GERD

Joanie Kummerer, a retired wife, mother and grandmother, suffered from symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) for more than 20 years. Kummerer spent years taking medications on a routine basis, to manage the side effects of reflux. However, her symptoms still interfered with traveling and visiting family. That's when Kummerer came to Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) and entrusted Jessica Reynolds, MD, a general surgeon with Surgical Associates of Northwest Ohio, with her care.

"When my family physician noted how many medications I was taking to battle my reflux, he immediately recommended Dr. Reynolds," Kummerer recalled.

Kummerer was initially diagnosed with a hiatal hernia which increased her risk for GERD. A hiatal hernia occurs when the upper part of the stomach moves up into the chest through a small opening in the diaphragm, causing heartburn and other symptoms. 

“Dr. Reynolds and her team worked with me to ensure the LINX® procedure was an appropriate treatment,” Kummerer explained. "I was looking for permanent relief and found it at Blanchard Valley Health System.”

LINX® is a minimally invasive implantation of a small device of interlocking beads around the esophagus. The beads open to allow food and liquid down, then close to prevent stomach contents from moving up. Patients generally go home within one day.

"I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone trying to battle GERD symptoms with medication,” encouraged Kummerer. “My recovery time was quick, and I was able to return to a normal diet. BVHS and Dr. Reynolds improved my quality of life.”