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Holly Michener

Holly MichenerTo proud mother Holly Michener, a simple game of catch with her son, Ethan, means the world. When the baseball gloves are off, she can be found staying active in the gym, camping in the great outdoors, or leading her son’s Cub Scouts pack. In addition to being a role model for Cub Scouts Pack 309, Holly works at the Blanchard Valley Hospital’s blood bank and as a Beach Body coach, inspiring people to lead healthy lives.

To Holly, her health is essential for leading the active lifestyle demanded by her hobbies and motherly responsibilities. So, when she tore her rotator cuff, she knew the best route to a total recovery would be surgery followed by rehabilitation.  

“Surgery was a necessity. I was too young to have difficulties with everyday tasks like picking up things, throwing a ball, or sleeping at night,” she explained. After her much-needed surgery, Holly underwent physical therapy. The road to rehabilitation wasn’t easy, but with Blanchard Valley Health System, Holly was able to enjoy the activities she loves. “I’m going to be honest. There were days when I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore, but my therapist did a fabulous job of pushing me at a pace that was comfortable and constructive,” Holly said. After only two months of physical therapy Holly noticed a huge difference in her ability to move her arm that once rendered her unable to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Now, Holly is back on the pitcher’s mound serving up fast balls to her son. “I’m doing a lot of things I never thought I would do again! I’m back in the gym exercising, helping my son practice baseball, and enjoying nature once again,” Holly said passionately. With a healed shoulder, Holly is also able to continue leading her son’s Cub Scouts pack. “Being healthy enough to volunteer time to help these boys learn and to be an influence on their lives is one of the biggest benefits of going through rehab,” Holly explained.