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Jon Ammons

Jon AmmonsFor family man and sports fanatic Jon Ammons, being at the top of his game is vital to keeping up with his active lifestyle and enjoying time with his family. As the assistant athletic director for Findlay High School, Jon practically eats, breathes and lives sports. “I get paid to do something I love, and for that reason I have been very blessed and lucky,” said Jon. Once a collegiate-level pitcher for Findlay College, now The University of Findlay, Jon enjoys staying active with the young athletes who pass through the halls of Findlay High School. 

Over a year and a half ago, Jon was instructing a weight lifting class when the labrum in his left shoulder tore. After a consultation with long-time family friend and Blanchard Valley orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Davidson, Jon knew surgery followed by rehabilitative exercise was the best route to recovery. To Jon, full range of motion in his shoulder and a complete recovery was necessary to do the activities and hobbies he loves most.

Jon put his trust in Dr. Davidson and his team to help him return to normal health. After surgery, Jon used the rehabilitative services provided through Blanchard Valley Rehab & Sports Medicine. “Not only were they friendly, but they took the time to do things the right way with me. Rehab was a struggle at first, but the staff made me feel very comfortable and helped in any way I needed, bottom line,” Jon commented. After about three to four months of rehabilitative exercises and stretches, Jon was able to return to his normal daily activities and could once again enjoy his active lifestyle to the fullest.

Today, there is nothing that holds Jon back from living life to the fullest. “I absolutely feel empowered after having the surgery! After being cared for by Dr. Davidson and his staff, it gave me a sense of comfort knowing that if something ever did happen I could turn to Dr. Davidson as a professional and as a friend,” Jon said. His recovery was made possible by the amazing supporters in his life including his wife of 31 years, Lisa, and his students at Findlay High School.

At 54 years young, Jon knows the importance of surrounding himself with amazing people, and that’s why he says he would recommend Dr. Davidson and Blanchard Valley Health System to anyone. A spokesperson for the importance of family and positivity, Jon concluded, “I want to reiterate that when you go through something like this, the most important thing is to have quality people to work with you. They treated me like family, and that is what is most important to me!”