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To Judy, being able to be active with her five grandchildren, means everything to her. When Judy is not spending time with her grandchildren or attending their sporting events, she can be found staying busy on the farm. Judy and her husband, Larry have been married for 54 years and have been living on their three-acres in Bluffton for 28 years. Together, they have four children.

While on vacation with her husband in Florida, Judy began to have trouble while walking. She quickly sought medical attention upon her return home.

Judy’s daughter-in-law, had previously had shoulder surgery with Dr. Jim Davidson, an orthopedic surgeon at Blanchard Valley Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, and highly recommended him. This prompted Judy to schedule an appointment.

Upon meeting Dr. Davidson, Judy knew that she was in great hands, especially when she learned she needed to have a total knee replacement procedure. “Dr. Davidson explained the entire process to me which helped ease some of my fears,” said Judy.

Judy’s knee replacement is comprised of titanium and is designed for daily activities. Following the surgery, the nurses at Blanchard Valley Hospital had Judy mobile immediately, so the healing could begin. Judy only required an overnight stay.

After her discharge from Blanchard Valley Hospital, she then began 10 weeks of rehabilitation at Bluffton Hospital which helped her get back to her active lifestyle. “The therapists at Bluffton Hospital were truly amazing. They got me back to my normal routine in no time,” shared Judy.

Since her surgery and the completion of rehabilitation, Judy has returned to her active lifestyle and can be found on the sidelines of her grandchildren’s extracurricular activities.

“Blanchard Valley Hospital is my community hospital,” praised Judy. “The experienced providers helped me every step of the way and I couldn’t be more appreciative.”