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Daniel J. and Maria H. Sak Sleep Wellness Center

1909 South Main Street
Findlay, OH 45840
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday
8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

and Friday 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Having a Sleep Study

Discovering the cause of your sleep disorder is essential to getting you back to peaceful sleep. A sleep disorder diagnosis usually begins with a sleep study. Our professionals experienced in sleep-related disorders will conduct the sleep study to get a better look at your sleeping patterns. We will also need to conduct a physical exam where we will ask you for a thorough medical history.

Sleep Wellness Center

Our sleep center provides a relaxing atmosphere that requires little adaptation from your traditional home setting. We offer hotel-like bedrooms and a dayroom to enjoy television or a light snack before beginning your study. You are also welcome to bring music or books if you wish.

The day of your sleep study, you will arrive at the Daniel J. and Maria H. Sak Sleep Wellness Center and the following events will occur:

  • A registered technologist will apply sensors and electrodes to record heart beat, brain waves, muscle activity, oxygen levels, breathing efforts, air flow and snoring sounds.
  • You retire to a private bedroom at an appropriate time for sleep. You will be monitored during sleep by a technologist located in a nearby control room.
  • Our sleep physician will analyze the recording and, if needed, will recommend a course of treatment.

Don't have another restless night. Call the Daniel J. and Maria H. Sak Sleep Wellness Center for an evaluation at 419.427.2604 or visit us at 1909 South Main Street in Findlay.