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Ways To Give

Friends of Blanchard Valley Health Foundation who wish to make a contribution are encouraged to consider the following donor options:


Cash is often the most convenient form of giving. Cash gifts are fully deductible for federal income tax purposes, provided deductions are itemized. 


Pledges enable a donor to plan a personal giving program that is both convenient and tax-wise. A pledge may enable a donor to consider a more significant gift than would have been otherwise possible. Terms for payment on pledges are flexible and at the option of the donor. For more information, please call the Foundation Office at 419.423.5457 or e-mail


Securities may be made as outright gifts or as a payment on a pledge. Stock certificates may be reassigned directly to the Blanchard Valley Health Foundation or may be transferred through the donor’s broker. The mean market value on the date of the transfer will determine the value of the gift for tax purposes. It is best to consult with a Foundation officer before a transaction is made. For questions on securities, call 419.423.5591 or e-mail  

Gifts of appreciated securities may be tax deductible, up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. The deduction is based on the full fair market value, and capital gains tax is not due when the stock is transferred to the foundation.

Planned Gifts

Planned giving provides a method for donors to make gifts to Blanchard Valley and also enjoy favorable financial, tax-saving and income consequences. Planned gifts fall into three primary categories: (1) outright gifts in cash or in-kind; (2) bequests; and (3) life income gifts, whereby the donor makes a gift today and receives a stream of income for life (or joint lives), and upon the death of the donor(s), the remainder value is given to Blanchard Valley. The Foundation will work with donors to find the planned giving vehicle best suited to your financial goals. For more information on planned giving, contact Marty Rothey, development officer for leadership and deferred gifts, at 419.423.5591 or e-mail

How may we help you?

How may we help you?