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Fostoria Primary Care


When you choose Fostoria Primary Care, a division of Blanchard Valley Health System, you receive comprehensive care to help keep you healthy and thriving through the years.

We focus on prevention and wellness, the diagnosis and treatment of both common and complex diseases and the management of chronic conditions. Additionally, our unique team approach ensures superior patient experience through the delivery of comprehensive, coordinated and accessible care. 

Having a BVHS primary care physician can provide you with access to:

  • A long-term relationship with your personal doctor
  • Convenient office location
  • A network of clinical experts and specialists, quality resources and state-of-the-art facilities
  • A doctor who gets to know you, your lifestyle, and family history
  • Secure online health care records
  • Screenings, vaccinations and physical examinations
  • Blood pressure and/or blood sugar checks, and/or cholesterol monitoring

Fostoria Primary Care is welcoming new patients.

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