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BVHS Announces Enhancements to Cardiovascular Care


Over the past decade, advances in medications, cardiovascular stenting, and minimally invasive procedures have reduced the need for performing traditional open-heart surgical procedures. With these advances, open-heart procedures have transitioned from emergent to predominantly elective procedures. As we prioritize delivering quality care for our patients, we will partner with other health systems to transition open-heart surgery cases diagnosed at Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS). We are committed to continuing to support seamless transitions of care through access to local cardiovascular physicians and post-operative rehabilitation services.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that the Jane & Gary Heminger HeartCare Center, part of BVHS, is building upon the strong cardiovascular care we provide to our community by expanding our non-open heart cardiology programs and services. Not only will we continue providing general cardiology and interventional cardiology services, but we are also expanding cardio-oncology, cardiac electrophysiology, cardiac imaging, and vascular care for the detection, diagnosis, and intervention of cardiac disease.

As we transition programs and expand our cardiovascular services, we will build upon a series of successful clinical collaborations. Our partnerships enable BVHS to receive the latest research and treatment recommendations, while our patients benefit from the convenience of local experts and a broad healthcare network.

“We look forward to offering more preventative and interventional cardiovascular options than ever before and strengthening our partnerships in service to our community,” said president and chief executive officer Myron Lewis. “As we do so, we will deliver upon our mission of ‘Caring for a lifetime.’”

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