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Don Croy

Don Croy“At 9 years old, my father instilled a very important lesson in me,” explained Don Croy, an active and adventurous outdoorsmen. “I was working on farm equipment with my dad when I became frustrated and convinced myself that I couldn’t fix a particular machine. He told me ‘To the Croy family, there’s no such word as can’t.’” Since that day, Don Croy has grown to understand the value of perseverance and overcoming adversity.

A lover of nature, Don thoroughly enjoys being in the elements and getting fresh air. Some of his favorite outdoor activities include walking, kayaking, canoeing, hiking and operating his lawn mowing business. Unfortunately, a continuously worsening genetic hip problem led him to be unable to enjoy this lifestyle as often as he wished. As a strong-willed man, Don had trouble allowing his hip to dictate his life. Ultimately, he made the decision to have surgery. Keeping “can’t” far from his vocabulary, Don scheduled his surgery for September 2015.

On the day of his surgery, Don said he was immediately impressed by Blanchard Valley Health System. “As I was struggling to walk through the parking lot on the morning of my surgery, a Blanchard Valley associate hurried a wheelchair out to the parking lot to help me. It’s the little things like that, that truly made a difference throughout this whole process,” said Don. He found comfort in the calming and helpful nature of all the associates at BVHS. “I was nervous to go in for surgery,” Don explained, “but the care in the hospital was just great. They shared all the details and did an excellent job of making me feel comfortable.”

Don’s recovery was impressive and quick, to say the least. In fact, 36 hours after the surgery he was back in the office of his lawn mowing business. In December 2015, only two months after surgery, Don had recovered so well that he climbed Mount Charleston in Clark County, Nevada. It certainly wasn’t long until Don was doing everything pain free once more. “I haven’t sat in a canoe pain free for years, and now I can!” Don said excitedly.

Don contributes his incredible recovery to the preparation he was given by Blanchard Valley Health System. “Before my surgery, they went over every detail with me so I would be ready,” Don said. From how to get into a shower safely to the right diet for a faster healing process, Don was given advice on everything and anything he would encounter after leaving the hospital.

So, what’s the next big adventure for this bold outdoorsmen? Don says he plans to take a canoe trip through the Quetico Waters in Canada on a nine day wilderness excursion. From hardly being able to sleep at night due to the intolerable pain to climbing mountains and navigating wild waters on a canoe, Don has made a total recovery from his hip replacement surgery. With his new hip, Don is able to return to his normal way of life and continues to live life knowing that there is nothing he “can’t” do!