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The BVHS Culture

Culture is defined as our “way of life.” But what do we mean when we say “culture” at Blanchard Valley Health System?

It’s the way we bring our values - Integrity, Compassion, Skill, Collaboration, Innovation and Humor - to life.

At BVHS, Integrity is critical to our mission of “Caring for a lifetime.” It comes into play in everything we do, even if no one is watching.

The providers at BVHS are committed to serving our region with quality, safe care. At the center of this privilege is Compassion. We show compassion by empathizing with others by understanding their situation.

We strive for excellence every day in our work. The Skill of our family of professionals is exceptional by our own standards and national benchmarks. BVHS also promotes and supports an environment of continuous learning so that our caregivers can stay at the top of their fields.

Each day, we rely on our fellow associates to care for those we serve. Through Collaboration, BVHS epitomizes teamwork in order to provide the quality, safe care of which our patients have become accustomed. The community places their health and well-being in our hands, and we return that trust through open and honest communication, honoring their confidentiality and privacy, and displaying genuine care and concern.

BVHS consistently looks for ways to better serve our community. Innovation plays an integral role in ensuring that our health providers are using the latest trends, techniques and technology to care for our patients.

We all look for ways to find contentment in the workplace. At BVHS, Humor empowers every associate to look for the ways to discover connections with others. While we take caring for our patients very seriously, we never miss an opportunity to laugh at ourselves or share joy.

Our priority is to make BVHS the most trusted healthcare provider in the region, and the best place for the careers of our caregivers.