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Patient Registration at Blanchard Valley Medical Practices (BVMP)

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BVHS supports transparency in health care by giving patients the ability to know what is in their chart. Our new digital access system empowers patients to validate their medical information and register for their appointments using their phone, tablet or computer.

How it works

  • Patients will receive a text message prior to their appointment as a reminder of the appointment and an opportunity to confirm that appointment.
  • After clicking the link in the message, patients will then be asked to validate or edit their healthcare information in the comfort of their home. If there are no changes, patients can simply select “next” through the questionnaire to confirm their information. If there are changes, patients can enter these changes and our office staff will update their medical record prior to their appointment.
  • Patients will also have the opportunity to pay their co-pay at this time.
  • If patients do not complete the questionnaire sent to them, they will be asked to complete it at the time of their appointment.

Helpful tips for success

What items will I need the first time I complete an appointment questionnaire?

  • Driver’s license
  • Insurance cards
  • Medication bottles
  • Credit card, if you normally have a co-pay

The first time using this registration process, you will need to take a photo of your driver’s license and insurance cards. During future visits, this information will already appear for you to validate.

When you begin the questionnaire, verify that all the information that came over from your current medical record is correct. If there are items missing or incorrect, please press the “edit” button and add or correct.

If no changes are needed, please complete the questionnaire to validate all information is correct, continuing to press “next.” You will receive a message when you reach the end of the questionnaire. It typically takes five minutes to complete the first time.

What happens when I arrive to my scheduled appointment?

A QR code will be displayed in the office. Scan it using your smartphone and enter your last name and birth date. You will be asked again to quickly scan through the questionnaire to validate your information and when completed, you will be checked-in for your visit.

What if I have additional questions?

Please ask your care team at your next appointment.