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Requesting / Upcoming Appointments

Can I request an appointment using the BVHS Patient Portal? 

Yes, this can be done through the portal for services that do not require a physician’s order. Once you make a request, it will show as “pending” until a member of our scheduling team successfully books your appointment. Once the appointment has been scheduled, you will see new activity on the appointment button as well as new activity in the ‘what’s new’ section on the homepage. You will also receive an e-mail notification that your appointment has been scheduled if you have your settings configured to receive email notifications. 

What information will show within the “Upcoming Appointments” tab on my portal? 

All appointments that have been successfully booked will appear within the “Upcoming Appointments’ list on your portal. If you have ‘pending’ appointments that have not yet been scheduled, these will display within the ‘Appointments’ section of your portal showing a pending status.