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Location Information

Updating Your Information

Where can I update my personal information such as my home address, email or password? 

Log into and from the left menu, go to the “Preferences” section and select the appropriate option. Any of these items, including your email address, can be changed at any time.

How can my preferred pharmacy be changed?

When you request a prescription refill through the portal, you have the opportunity to select your current preferred pharmacy or choose a new pharmacy by selecting the “other” option. Your medication will be sent to the new pharmacy you choose and that location will become your new preferred pharmacy for that medication.

What should I do if I see a discrepancy or notice the information is not up-to-date on my patient portal?

You can update information such as your address, marital status, etc. in the Profile section on your patient portal. If you have a question about the information in your medical record, please contact your provider’s office or call the BVHS Patient Portal Help Line at 419.423.5255 or 1.855.900.5255.