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Does Blanchard Valley Health System “guarantee” the price listed in the tool?

At this time, this information is provided for information only to help you understand the potential cost for your care. You are still responsible for the full amount of your bill even if it differs from the price provided in this tool.

Healthcare is extremely personal and the care you receive is tailored for your unique needs. The services you receive may be different depending on how serious your medical condition is and the specific care you receive while at the hospital. Pricing in the tool reflects an “average” for similar cases, but the services you receive may be different.

For instance, if you come to Blanchard Valley Hospital for a knee replacement surgery, factors like the model of knee implant selected by your surgeon, the length of time you spend in surgery, the type of anesthesia provided, and the number of days you stay in the hospital to recover are unique to you, which means your actual bill may be more or less than another patient receiving the same procedure.  

Even elective testing may be tricky to accurately predict in advance. For instance, if your physician has ordered an MRI, the price will differ depending on whether contrast is used. Often, the radiologist will not determine if contrast is needed until the time of your service.

What if I don’t see a service I am looking for?

This tool contains over 300 services that are most requested by our patients. However, Blanchard Valley Hospital and Bluffton Hospitals provide thousands of different services. If you don’t see a service, you are looking for, please contact us at 419.425.5252 for a price estimate.


What facilities are included in the tool?

At this time, this tool is designed to give hospital pricing for Blanchard Valley Hospital and Bluffton Hospital, as well as our outpatient hospital departments (Eastern Woods Outpatient Center, Carey Medical & Diagnostic Center, Ottawa Medical & Diagnostic Center, Wound Care Solutions, the Daniel J. and Maria H. Sak Sleep Wellness Center and The Armes Family Cancer Care Center).

Information about our physician medical offices (BVMP) are not included in the tool at this time. Medical practices may offer some similar services to our hospitals, but the pricing may be higher or lower.

This tool is intended to capture facility charges. Physicians and other professional providers bill separately for their services, and their charges may not be reflected in the price tool.

What does UNINSURED mean?

True uninsured status is defined as not having access to any type of health insurance, either employer group-sponsored, state-sponsored, or cost-sharing group-sponsored coverage or benefits.

Can I choose to be self-pay to get a discount?

Only true uninsured patients qualify for a discount. If you have access to any type of health insurance, either employer group-sponsored, state-sponsored, or cost- sharing group-sponsored coverage or benefits, you can choose to be self-pay. However, no discount will be given. The plan or group sponsored negotiated rates and cost sharing are considered your discount.

Am I eligible for financial assistance?

You may be eligible for financial assistance under the Blanchard Valley Health System financial assistance policies or Ohio HCAP. Financial assistance is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Please direct any financial assistance questions that you may have to our patient financial services team at 419.423.5310. 

Blanchard Valley Health System is required by law to provide a machine-readable file of pricing transparency information for each hospital location. Click here to access the machine-readable file for Blanchard Valley Hospital. Click here to access the machine-readable file for Bluffton Hospital.  These files are only updated annually and may be less current that information provided in the price tool. Patients are encouraged to use the consumer-friendly patient price tool to search for pricing, or to contact our team directly at 419.425.5252 for help with a price estimate.

These machine-readable files were lasted updated on December 1, 2021.