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MRI Services

Our MRI Technology

Image of MRIBVHS has the most open high-field MRI scanner available in Hancock County. Our MRI system, called the Siemens Open Bore Aera, produces higher quality images compared to completely “open,” or low-field MRI systems. With a large opening designed for patient comfort, our MRI system has the advantage of reducing claustrophobia with none of the disadvantages associated with the imaging quality of completely open MRIs. 

Siemens Open Bore Aera

The Siemens Open Bore Aera aids radiologists in finding abnormalities that could otherwise be missed. In addition, MRI exams at BVHS can be completed in half the time of traditional “open” MRI systems. MRI is one of the most useful tools physicians have to make an accurate diagnosis and select the appropriate treatment for their patients.

A Comfortable MRI Experience

Our MRI system has a 70 cm open bore, which is the tube-like structure of the MRI machine where you lie during the imaging. This is much larger than traditional MRIs and can accommodate patients up to 550 pounds. In addition, our MRI unit has a shorter design which may allow your head to be outside the system in many exams. This helps alleviate concerns of claustrophobia. Advanced technology of this unit allows for faster, more efficient exams, creating a less stressful MRI experience. In fact, you may even find the experience relaxing, and best of all, there are no known side effects. However, some medical implants, such as pacemakers and hearing aids can be electronically activated. Be sure that your MRI technologist is aware of any such implants. Pregnant women should also consult their doctors prior to having an MRI.

MRI: The Answers You're Looking For

Under what conditions are MRI’s used?

Excellent tissue contrast makes MRI the imaging choice for many applications, such as brain, spine, body, musculoskeletal, and even arterial and venous flow studies.

Are MRI scans like CT scans? 

Not quite. A CT scan is a computerized X-ray. MRI scans use a strong magnetic field and harmless radio waves, so you are not exposed to X-ray radiation.

How long will my MRI scan take?

Most MRI scans are completed within 15-45 minutes, depending on the area being examined.

Image of MRIWill I be alone during the procedure?

Some people like to be alone during an MRI study. In fact, many people fall asleep during the procedure. Be assured, you are constantly being monitored visually and via audio intercom. However, if you would like, you can have someone with you in the scanning room throughout the examination. 

Must I hold still during the examination?

Yes, holding still is very important for image clarity. If you have difficulty holding still, talk to the technologist. He or she can instruct you as to when you may move between scans.

Do I have to skip meals or medicine prior to my MRI procedure?  

No. Before your MRI, you may eat and take your medications as you normally would. However, depending on the type of examination you are having, you will be asked to change into medical scrubs, remove makeup, or remove metal-containing objects like watches, necklaces or bracelets, since they can affect image quality.

Who will notify me of my scan results?  

An MRI radiologist will read the scan and report the results to your doctor, who will then share the results with you. Doctors may ask for a copy of your films.

Hours and Scheduling:

Blanchard Valley Hospital and EasternWoods Outpatient Center have appointments available.

To schedule an appointment call:
Central Scheduling at 419.423.5323
We can usually schedule patients within 24 hours.

For more information, call:
BVH Imaging Services Department: 419.423.5429

More questions on MRI's? Visit the American College of Radiology.