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Lymphedema Therapy

Julie A. Cole Rehab and Sports Medicine has trained and certified occupational therapists with experience in assessing and treating lymphedema. An evaluation would include the occupational therapist assessing the patient’s past medical history, current status, goals for treatment and maintenance options. To make an appointment or learn more, please call 419.425.3199

On the first visit, the therapist will complete a visual inspection of the affected area, measure the affected area to determine swelling severity, assess range of motion and strength, address pain and any present wounds and then treatment will be initiated. 

What is Included with Lymphedema Therapy

  • Manual lymphatic drainage (a light, skin massage)
  • Compression bandaging
  • Lymphatic exercises
  • Skin care education
  • Education in lymphedema self-management and elastic compression garments

Common Risk Factors of Lymphedema

  • Chronic skin infections
  • Lymph node removal
  • Radiation
  • Trauma
  • Obesity
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Genetics

Possible Lymphedema Triggers

Injury or Trauma

  • Wear gloves when performing activities that may cause skin injury (such as washing dishes, gardening or using chemicals like bleach)
  • Try to avoid punctures to the skin (such as injections and blood draws)

Limb Constriction

  • Avoid carrying a heavy bag or purse over the at-risk limb
  • Try to avoid blood pressure cuffs on at-risk limb

Extreme Temperatures

  • Avoid exposure to extreme cold, which can cause rebound swelling or chapping of the skin
  • Avoid prolonged (greater than15 min) exposure to heat, particularly hot tubs or saunas

Prolonged Inactivity

If you are at risk for leg lymphedema….

  • Avoid prolonged standing or sitting by moving and changing positions throughout the day
  • Wear properly fitted footwear and hosiery

To make an appointment at the Julie A. Cole Rehab and Sports Medicine or to learn more, please call 419.425.3199.

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