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Those with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological diseases such as stroke or multiple sclerosis may benefit from rehabilitation and speech therapy through the LSVT® BIG and LSVT® LOUD programs offered by Bridge Home Health.

Through the LSVT® BIG program, a Bridge rehabilitation therapist certified in LSVT® BIG provides intensive physical and occupational therapy by utilizing high amplitude movements to help you move at your fullest potential. Participants can start this program at diagnosis, when it may have the most impact on quality of life.

The benefits of the program include faster walking with bigger steps, better balance, increased trunk rotation, better flexibility and increased quality of life. LSVT® BIG promotes strength, motor learning and changes in brain function.

LSVT® LOUD utilizes specially trained and certified Bridge therapists to help those with Parkinson’s disease improve speech and voice disorders that often accompany the disease. In fact, research shows that 89 percent of people with Parkinson’s disease experience speech and voice disorders including soft voice, monotone, breathiness, hoarse voice quality and imprecise articulation.

The LSVT® LOUD program is specially designed to help improve vocal loudness, helping to maintain and improve oral communication.

Ask your doctor if LSVT® BIG rehabilitation and LSVT® LOUD through Bridge Home Health, 419.423.5351 or through rehab services at the Julie A. Cole Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, 419.425.3199 could help you.