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BVHS Diabetes Management Program

Diabetes is a life-long disease that requires constant management of your blood sugar. The Diabetes Self-Management Education Program at Blanchard Valley Hospital assists adults with step-by-step classes.

The program, consisting of small group classes and individual meetings with a nurse and dietitian, has been designed to assist you and your support person(s) to learn about diabetes and how to manage your disease. Classes are taught by a registered nurse certified in diabetes education and a registered dietitian.

The Diabetes Management program includes the following steps:

Step 1: Basic Introduction to Diabetes

  • Review the types of diabetes, insulin resistance and pre-diabetes
  • Learn what your blood sugar should be and plan your blood sugar goals
  • Learn to recognize and treat both high blood sugar and low blood sugar
  • Explain goals for blood pressure and lipids or cholesterol
  • Learn how to self-test blood sugar with a glucometer at home

Step 2: Small Steps - Developing a Plan for Activity and Medications

  • Discuss medications for diabetes care
  • Learn how physical activity can be good for your blood sugar
  • Set goals for your diabetes self-management
  • Discuss the prevention of diabetes related complications

Step 3: Meal Planning Made Easier

  • Introduce basic meal planning for diabetes care
  • Learn correct serving sizes for food choices
  • Explain carbohydrate counting
  • Initiate label reading and practice reading product labels
  • Discuss tips for dining out
  • Plan goals for small steps to success with meal planning and eating habits

Individual Dietitian Appointment (1 Hour)

  • Develop an individualized meal plan
  • Review food records and personal food preferences
  • Discuss other dietary needs to fit your personal plan of care

Individual Nurse Appointment (1 Hour)

  • Review blood sugar records
  • Discuss your individual diabetes treatment plan
  • Evaluate your personal diabetes goals and your success with these goals
  • Reinforce goals for lab results (HbA1c, lipids, kidney and liver studies)

If you are new to diabetes or have not had formal instruction on diabetes care, BVH highly encourages attending all five steps of this program. Typically, those who complete the five-step program have a greater reduction in their HbA1c and a higher amount of success with their diabetes self-management goals. Upon completion of the five steps, follow up coaching will continue for one year.

How to Register for the Diabetes Management and Education Program

Classes are held at a variety of times. To learn more or to register, call 419.429.7901 or email We will obtain the necessary paperwork from your physician.

We highly encourage a significant other or close friend to attend the sessions with you. People are more successful in their diabetes self-management when their family and friends are informed and supportive.


All fees for classes and individual appointments will be billed directly to your insurance, Medicare or Medicaid provider. Because insurance and Medicare plans vary, we recommend that you contact your insurer or Human Resources Department to verify your insurance coverage before attending a class.