Location Information


Blanchard Valley Hospital

1900 South Main St
Findlay, OH 45840
Office Hours: 24 Hours

Bluffton Hospital

139 Garau Street
Bluffton, OH 45817
Office Hours: 24 Hours

What to do in an Emergency

The most important thing to remember in an emergency is to STAY CALM and call 911. Make sure you know where you are and speak slowly and clearly. The dispatcher who answers your call will speak to you calmly. Don’t be alarmed, as the dispatcher is specially trained to remain calm.

While waiting for EMS arrival

Turn on the porch lights and as many other lights as possible, especially if it is dark. Send someone out to the road. This will help the EMS service identify your house if your address is not clearly marked on the house or mailbox. If in a vehicle, consider turning on the four way flashers. The more lights that can be seen, the easier you can be located.

If furniture in the house is in the way of where the ambulance cot will need to be directed, and if it is possible to move it without injuring yourself, please move it. Do your best to clear the area where the person needing assistance is located. If you have any dogs, please secure them to ensure safety for everyone.

Upon EMS arrival

Stay calm and be ready to answer any questions related to the condition of the person needing assistance. If you have any written instructions or information from the doctor or hospital relating to that person, please have it at hand.

Once EMS has left

Before leaving home, make any necessary telephone calls, gather your things and drive to the hospital. Do not drive if you are upset. Instead, have a friend or relative drive you there. It is important to make a safe trip to the hospital to be with your loved one.