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Inpatient Pediatric Care at Blanchard Valley Hospital

Blanchard Valley brings together a diverse team of physicians, nurses, educators and other professionals specializing in the unique needs of children. We understand how stressful the hospitalization of a child can be, which is why we carefully design our services around those unique needs. Our nurses are certified in pediatric advanced life support and provide care in a family-centered, child-focused environment.

Young patients needing hospitalization receive specialized care at Blanchard Valley Hospital. Our services are designed to meet the needs of children and their families. We assist families and help them cope with the experience of hospitalizing a child. We further the relationship by properly preparing them before, during and after the child’s stay. We believe that fully understanding the treatment being administered to the child promotes a quicker, more complete recovery. Our doctors and staff members provide individualized care to every child during their stay. Care is supervised by the child’s own pediatrician or by one of BVHS' specially trained pediatric hospitalists who are available 24 hours a day.

BMI, or body mass index, uses weight and height to calculate weight status for adults. BMI for children and teens also takes into account gender and age because healthy body fatness differs between boys and girls and changes as they grow. The BMI calculator below will help you determine if your child is at a healthy weight.

Children's BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator for Children and Teens

Body mass index (BMI) is one way to estimate a person's body fat that takes into consideration the person's height. BMI is calculated using a person's weight and height. In children and teens, BMI is used to find out if a child or teen is underweight, of a healthy weight, overweight, or obese. A child's body fat changes with age. Also, girls and boys differ in their amount of body fat as they mature. This is why BMI for children, also known as BMI-for-age, includes gender and age.

This calculator gives an approximate BMI for children from ages 5 to 19. It will tell you if a child is underweight, at an ideal weight, at risk of being overweight, or is now overweight.

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This calculator is not intended to replace the evaluation of a healthcare professional.