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Amanda Missler Credits Obstetrician Dr. Schutz with Safely Delivering Her Sons

The birth of a child is something that is supposed to be memorable. It’s painful, exhausting, and beautiful all at the same time. After two previous traumatic deliveries, there was nothing beautiful about having my children, so I decided it was time for a new doctor, and a new hospital. I had heard of Dr. Schutz through several friends of mine, and they all had nothing but wonderful things to say about him, and the OB floor of Bluffton Hospital. When we were expecting our third baby, we decided to make the switch. The first time I met Dr. Schutz, he was the most welcoming, calming, reassuring doctor I had ever seen. He took his time with me in his office as I was very nervous about my upcoming delivery. He also had an incredible team of midwives, so I felt that I was going to be in good hands.

Delivery day with baby number 3 was a scheduled induction as I was full term and I was terrified that the baby was going to be huge. The second I arrived at the hospital, I felt cared for. The staff was welcoming and warm. They listened to every concern and fear I had. They knew I was afraid due to the previous traumatic deliveries I had endured. The nurse I had during my labor and delivery joked around with my family, made us laugh, and got straight down to business when we needed anything. For the first time, I actually felt like a patient that was cared about, and not just another pregnant lady the nurses had to deal with. When it came time to push, one of Dr. Schutz’s, midwives, Kathy, came in to deliver. I was nervous, as I was used to an OB delivering my children. It turns out the nerves were unnecessary as Kathy knew exactly what to do to get my baby out safely. My baby ended up being 9lbs and 9oz, and he was delivered without a hitch. The nurses were so encouraging and helpful. Kathy even managed to make me laugh as I was pushing. The teamwork I witnessed from that staff at Bluffton Hospital was amazing. Before my discharge, Dr Schutz made sure to check in on me several times which was so appreciated.

Fast forward two and have years, and we were expecting baby number four. I continued care through Dr. Schutz’s office, and planned to deliver again at Bluffton Hospital. Since I had such a great experience with baby number three, I wasn’t afraid this time. Checking in to deliver my fourth baby was once again very pleasant. The admitting nurse took the time to listen to any of my concerns and questions, and was so patient with me when I almost passed out during my IV insertion. My nurse during labor was incredible. It almost felt like a mother caring for her daughter with how attentive she was to my needs during labor. She was always willing to help, offered assistance and solutions in a such a caring manor. She even stayed past the end of her shift to help me through delivery. I once again felt like a valued patient, and not just another woman in the maternity ward. Then, the time came to push. It was sooner than the nurse had expected it to be and Dr. Schutz had been called into a C-section in Findlay and was just finishing up. There were no other doctors available to deliver that day, so needless to say, I was worried I’d be having a baby with no doctor. The nurses were so incredible in reassuring me that Dr. Schutz was driving to Bluffton, and even if he didn’t make it in time, they would catch the baby and everything would be fine. Two nurses sat with me, did not leave my side and were ready for anything if I decided I could no longer wait. Dr. Schutz came flying in his typical warm and calming manor. Once again, the teamwork I witness with the staff getting everything ready calmly, but quickly was so impressive. Within minutes, my son was delivered quickly and easily. Dr. Schutz and the nurses were so helpful in coaching me and helping me stay calm through the entire process. My postpartum care was also second to none. I had a previous bout with postpartum depression and all of the nurses that were involved in my care took the time to sit with me, listen to every anxiety I had with no judgement. They were just so kind, considerate, and supportive. Those nurses who helped me and encouraged me will never realize how much of a weight they lifted off my shoulders, and I did not experience PPD again.

The exceptional care by Dr. Schutz and the Bluffton Hospital OB staff did not go unnoticed. Not only was I beyond happy with my care, my family members and my husband were impressed as well. I have never experienced such a wonderful nursing staff, doctor and facility as I have in Bluffton Hospital. I am so grateful for all of them. We are now expecting baby number five, and I plan on returning to Bluffton, and once again, having Dr. Schutz deliver because I now have experienced the beautiful part of giving birth. The healthcare team, whether they know it or not, plays such a huge part in that. 

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