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Remembering Those We Love

Bridge Hospice invites you to remember the ones you love this holiday season by placing an ornament bearing their names on the Bridge Hospice Tree of Remembrance. 

The Tree of Remembrance offers a unique way of honoring loved ones, both living and deceased, also supporting the caring programs of the Bridge Hospice. 

The trees will be on display November 27 through December 28. To be mindful of our community’s health and well-being, staff will hang up all in-person ornaments this year. 
To honor your loved ones and make your gift, please complete the form below or call include the names of those to be remembered.


The trees will be at two physical locations: 

Findlay Hospice Care Center 

Bowling Green Hospice Care Center


If you have any questions about the Tree of Remembrance, please reach out the Blanchard Valley Health Foundation by phone at 419.423.5457 or by email at


How may we help you?

How may we help you?