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Roy and Marcia Armes

Roy and Marcia ArmesRoy Armes, the former chairman, chief executive officer and president of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, and his wife, Marcia, chose to make a significant contribution to cancer care services at BVHS due to their personal connection to cancer, as well as their passion and belief in a need for advanced cancer care services close to home.

“My dad was battling renal cell cancer when I was in college,” Roy explained. “I experienced my father traveling for care at various facilities, and it’s a painstaking experience. Having quality cancer care with continually advancing technology that is available right here in your own back yard helps lessen the burden.” Marcia echoed Roy’s sentiments, “To be able to stay at home, in your own bed, surrounded by your family as a support system, immeasurably reduces the hardship of cancer treatment. We thought that if our donation could eliminate that hardship for others, we would be making a difference.”

The Armes Family Cancer Care Center has, in fact, been making a difference every day. With medical oncology, radiation therapy, infusion therapy and much more under one roof, the Center provides the exceptional cancer care close to home that the Armes family envisioned.

How may we help you?

How may we help you?