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The Groman's Experience

When Brenda Groman’s father-in-law, Morris, and mother-in-law, Carol, were becoming too ill to live at home, she and her family made the important decision to admit them into Bridge Hospice at Bluffton. Morris had been battling leukemia and Carol had been suffering from soft tissue sarcoma. Brenda described the number one reason for choosing Bridge Hospice at Bluffton Hospital was proximity to Bluffton. Since the family lives in the community, it was easy for them to visit. Brenda said Bridge Hospice was accommodating of their late stays, many of which lasted until 9:30 every night.

Brenda expressed her family’s satisfaction with the individualized attention Morris and Carol received. “We felt we would get more personalized care from Bridge Hospice in Bluffton,” she said. She explained how Morris was unable to fit in the standard hospice beds due to his height of six feet six inches. The staff accommodated him by offering a bed that was longer than the standard size in order for him to be comfortable. She remembers the gentle tone the nurses used when speaking with Morris and Carol. Brenda expressed her gratitude for the staff, saying, “When they entered the room they always had good attitudes. Staff members were always pleasant and communicated with my family and kept us up-to-date.”

Morris and Carol have since passed but according to Brenda, placing them in Bridge Hospice was the right decision. “Even though we knew we would lose them at some point, we got to spend more quality time with them,” shared Brenda. Brenda highly recommends Bridge Hospice at Bluffton. Her family has been long-time donors of the Bluffton facility and Brenda said her in-laws would not have wanted to stay anywhere else.

The Schweingruber’s Experience

Don Schweingruber’s one wish was to remain home with his family through the remainder of his life. Don had been battling multiple myeloma for 15 years and began experiencing falls at home. His wife, Nancy, turned to Bridge inpatient hospice for help. She knew the wonderful reputation of the hospice nurses and facilities and was referred to Bridge hospice at Bluffton. Nancy described this referral as a blessing. Don’s wish would be fulfilled. Though Don was admitted into hospice, Nancy appreciated having her husband in their hometown of Bluffton. Don under Bridge’s care in Bluffton made it convenient for the family to visit. Family members were able to spend time with Don all hours of the day and night as they pleased. The staff was very loving and supportive to the family. “The nurses not only took care of Don but took care of us,” Nancy said.