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Children and Grief

Children are affected by a loved one’s death just as adults. However, the way in which they experience the death and how they grieve depends on their age, level of development/understanding, the details they have about the death and the support they receive after the death.

To successfully support a grieving child, we must find a balance between allowing them to be a kid and processing and expressing their grief. One way to help facilitate this, is to engage the child in activities that will allow for emotional expression and remembrance of the loved one.

Another crucial step is to let the child know there is someone they can trust who is willing and available to listen whenever they are ready to talk about their feelings, fears and questions concerning the death of their loved one.

Keep in mind that whenever the child does ask questions about their loved one’s death, it is important to provide them with honest information through words and meanings they will understand.

If at any time there is concern over how a child is coping, it is important to reach out to professional support for help. 

Helping Grieving Youth:

  • Be present 
  • Provide space and time to listen
  • Be honest
  • Answer questions to the best of your knowledge
  • Keep routines 
  • Communicate often that the youth is loved, wanted and needed 
  • Let them know the death was not their fault 
  • Provide security
  • Talk about the deceased loved one 
  • Provide outlets—drawing, painting, hobbies & books 
  • Provide lots of LOVE!

Group S.T.A.R. (Special Times Always Remembered)

Bridge Bereavement Services offers a special group for children to help with the grieving process. Group S.T.A.R. was developed to assist children ages 6-12 in learning to effectively express feelings and cope with significant life changes. Trained bereavement staff utilize focused and unique activities to help facilitate the expression of these feelings and ways for children to continue remembering their loved one. For more information about this group, email