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Maxine Snyder

The Maxine Snyder Scholarship awards assistance annually to students who meet the following criteria: 

  • A current registered nurse (RN)
  • A current associate of Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) who has been employed with BVHS for at least one year
  • An exemplary performer at BVHS
  • In a program of special benefit to Blanchard Valley Health System, as well as the applicant, through specialty training via certification (i.e. CEN, CCRN, CORN, OCN, etc.) or masters preparation in nursing (nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, etc.)
  • Willing to commit to serving an additional two years of employment at BVHS post-program completion, or repay the amount granted on a pro-rated basis plus interest of prime +2%
  • If the project for which the funds were paid is not successfully completed in the specified time frame, then repayment will be required
  • Available for personal interview with the committee

Scholarship Award Maximum

Typically $250 - $500* per year for tuition, fees, books and supplies only. Money will only be for expenses not reimbursed or provided for by other sources.

Application Information

Applications for the Maxine Snyder Endowment Trust must be completed no later than April 1. The applicant will complete the designated scholarship form. 

Apply Online

Notification of Scholarship Award

Applicants will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision by May 31.

Scholarship Contact

If questions or concerns arise, please contact Karen George, chief development officer, 419.429.6422 or 419.429.6489 (fax) or We look forward to reviewing your accomplishments.

*Endowment spending policy - On June 30 of each fiscal year, a fair market value (based on a three year rolling average) for each endowed fund will be determined, up to 5% of the fair market value, not to invade the original endowment amount. This may be available for distribution from the appropriate fund the following fiscal year. 

Reminder: Please print this page for your reference.