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How may we help you?

How may we help you?

Please read the requirements for all scholarships and check the ones for which you are applying. This application is for students in the community who are not employed at Blanchard Valley Health System. The minimum requirement for applications is entering at least your second year of schooling AND be accepted into the nursing program.

Check the boxes below next to all the scholarships for which you are applying. 

Please complete the information below to apply for the scholarships that you have selected. The questions with a “red asterisk” are mandatory questions. Thank you! 
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What is your education background? In the box below, starting with your high school education to present, list the following information for each:
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    How are you furthering your education? (BSN, MSN, etc)  *
    Have you been accepted into a nursing program?  *
    If you answered yes, that you have been accepted into a nursing program, please complete the following five questions about your college/institution. 
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    Current GPA 
    For the next five questions, you may upload a file containing all of your answers or use the text fields below. 
    Do you have goals of practicing in critical care, obstetrics, or becoming a nurse educator? 
    If you answered yes to the previous question, please explain what inspired you to pursue to practice in the areas of critical care, obstetrics, or a nursing education/nursing degree? 
    What do you see as the chief impact of receiving this education? 
    Why do you feel you should receive this award? 
    The following is a question required to apply for the Karis S.(Powell) Woodward, RN Nursing Scholarship: Explain how you meet the criteria of "Good Moral Character" 
    What other sources of financial assistance have you applied for?  *
    Please include information regarding costs related to tuition, fees, books and supplies: 
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    If you are applying for the Winegardner, Zimber, Higgins or Woodward scholarships you will need to explain your financial need in more detail. 
    All the following documents are required to complete your application. You may combine all into one file or upload each file individually. 
    Please upload a cover letter explaining your career goals and how a scholarship would help you meet those goals. This is a requirement.  *
    Your resume. 
    If applicable, a copy of your acceptance letter from nursing school. 
    If applicable, a copy of your transcript. 
    Upload any additional information you would like to be used in consideration for this application. 
    By clicking YES below, I hereby certify that the information submitted in this application, to the best of my knowledge is true and correct. I also certify that I understand, if awarded this scholarship, the award must be used within the calendar year or the award will be forfeited.  *